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"I immediately felt at home in Meg’s new parent group. My baby and I felt so warmly welcomed, safe, and supported in this group! I was amazed at how quickly I was able to connect with other parents and babies, and everyone was so kind and empathetic about this uniquely challenging and special time in life. Meg is so skilled at facilitating parent groups, and she holds a loving, non-judgmental space for everyone’s feelings, no matter what they’re going through. She connected us to resources, to each other, and even to some new mindfulness and meditation skills I’ve used a lot since the group (especially during challenging times with my toddler!) I recommend these groups to any new parent - they’re a lifeline during this wild postpartum journey!"


-Toby and Baby August


"I was so incredibly lucky to stumble into Meg's new parent group. I was surprised by how isolating of an experience it was to have a baby, and joining this new parent group gave me a community when I needed it the most!"


-Allie and Baby Amaya

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